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Feb 24, 2019

This case captured headlines across the US for its sheer brutality of a ten-year-old girl. Prior to her death, she was repeatedly assaulted by at least three different men while her mother watched. She was also the victim of pornography.

In a response to a 911 call expecting to resolve an incidence of aggravated battery, Albuquerque police found Victoria Martens in a bathtub, drugged with meth, stabbed, and dismembered. Mr. Gonzalez, wearing blood-stained shorts, told police he was cleaning himself before they entered the apartment. Ms. Kelley jumped from the apartment balcony as police arrived. Michelle Martens, Victoria’s mother, told police that someone killed her daughter and she was still inside the apartment.

Inger proceeds to tell us about the charges laid against the trio, including child abuse resulting in death. Some of the suspects changed their story on multiple occasions, so we are brought through the timeline of these alterations. After the child’s death, Martens had sex with Gonzalez twenty minutes after he raped her daughter.

The state believes that Martens and Gonzales met on an online dating site in July 2016. Inger reports that he soon moved in and began bringing dangerous guests into the house while Martens was at work. He even let Kelley move into Martens’ apartment without her being aware. We then learn about the course of events that happened when Gonzales and Kelley went to pick up Victoria Martens after school.

The medical examiner determined the cause of death to be strangulation, and we are informed of some surprising info from this examination. Inger talks about the multiple boyfriends that Victoria’s mother had over the years, including the one that helped raise Victoria for the majority of her life. The grandparents of Victoria are, of course, immensely grief-stricken, and we hear about their interactions with her in the weeks leading up to her death. They say that if Michelle Martens is guilty, she deserves to be punished. Martens had a son with her previous boyfriend, the one who helped raise Victoria, and the man luckily had him on the night of the death.

Inger ends the episode with her own comment on the heartbreaking story.